Html tutorial: Image

Image is a graphical representation which is often used in web world to Increase the usability and attractiveness of website.In other words, it is or a kind of photographs.

So question is how to include them in your webpage?
well, thats very easy.
image is included by img tag.
Its syntax is <img src="">

Note: you need to specify the source by hyperlink asmentioned in my previous tutorial on html hyperlink tutorial

For example, <img src="">

Result will be like,

You may want to change the dimenstions of image by including height and width besides img tag
For example,<img src="" width="450px" height="200px">

Result will be like,

Here, px denotes pixel. You can also use % for percent but that may not work in all
browsers or explorer. Thats why i suggest to work in pixel only.

Html Tutorial on Hyperlink

Exclusive Html Tutorial on Hyperlink on special demand of my blog regular visitor.

Simple Hyperlink

Code:<a href="">Yahoo<a>

Output: Yahoo

Explaination: <a> is known as anchor tag and used to inter link different web pages or topics on same webpage.

Giving Title To Hyperlink

Code: <a href="" title="Tahoo MailBox">Yahoo<a>

Output: Yahoo

Explaination: title in <a> tag is used to give text which gonna appear when cursor is placed on link.

Open in New Tab

Code: <a href="" title="Tahoo MailBox" target="_blank">Yahoo<a>

Output: Yahoo

Explaination: target=_blank in <a> tag is used to tell browser to open hyperlink in new tab

Open In Same Tab

Code: <a href="" title="Tahoo MailBox" target="_self" >Yahoo<a>

Output: Yahoo

Add Star ratings widget for blogger post

Star rating helps you alot to know how visitors of your blog respond to any article.By this
you will be able to know rating of each article or post,whether it is performing good or bad.Thereby take action to make it more lucid and attractive.

Here is a procedure for adding star rating widget in your blogger, wordpress or typepad blog

1.Click on your blog platform.
For blogger click on blogger icon
2.Select the language,for International audience,Select english
Registeration is optional
3.Click on Get widget Now
4.Click on agree to terms and condition after reading
5.Now you will be redirected to
And will confirm whether you want to add star rating widget or not

VisitStar Rating Widget
Note:If you are using heavy graphics in your is always advisable not to use this widgetas it slows down a bit.Any comments will be highlt appreciated

Add and Share Social Bookmark Button creating websites

let me tell you,fastest way of getting lots of traffic and high ranking
is by getting your website or blog times Bookmarked by users on social
bookmarking websites.But most of the users don't know what are social bookmarking websites and for what purpose they are used.
These websites are used same web address of a website or article .Say if you found new
website but its name is difficult to remember or is large.Then save the webaddress to notepad or bookmarkmon their browser.But what will user do if he have to access that
website on other computer.Social Bookmarking websites are the answer.Save those Bookmark on these websites.

List Of Social Bookmarking websites button creating websites:-

If you know any other website which deserves to be on the list then please mention it by comment.

Embeding pdf-doc-docx-ppt-pptx-xls-xlsx in blogger

Here is a most awaited tool with which you can embed almost every file format

* Documents: Word (DOC/DOCX), Excel (XLS/XLSX), PowerPoint (PPT/PPTX), WPD, ODT, ODP, ODS, PDF
* Vector Graphics: API, EPS, PS
* Text: TXT, RTF, CSV
* Code: HTML, SQL, JS
* Web: Web pages or other URLs
But they limit file size to 20MB
But offering you features like
  • customizing the size, background color, and other viewing options in the customize screen when creating your embed.

  • You can do Private as well as public sharing

  • You can even delete your file if needed.


Recent comment Blogger widget

Here is a method of adding recent comment widget

1.Login to your blogger account
2.Click on layout
3.Click on add gadget
4.Click on feed
5.Put your blogs feed address
Replace YOURBLOG with your blog name
For Example

Embeded Picasa Web Album Slideshow in blogger,Working

1.Login to Picasa Web Album

Note:-Every Image you upload on blogger is uploaded to picasa by default
You will see albums if you have uploaded images more than 1 blogger blogs

2.Click on Picas album picture

3.Click On Slideshow
picasa slideshow

4.Note down the Web Address of the Album from address bar(where you type the address
of the website)

5.Paste the following code any where in the blog.
<iframe src='' scrolling="no" frameborder="0" style="height:340px;width:400px;">

Change code in red according to your needs. is web address of album replace it with your album address,
adjust height and width according to your blogger template

6.If want to put it in sidebar
a)login to blogger
b)Click on layout
c)Click on add gadget/element
d)Click on html/text
e)paste the code

7.Result will be like

Most Wanted Blogger Widgets & Hacks

There are many useful widgets which you could be used to add more features to your Blogger powered blog.
Here is a list of Most Wanted Blogger Widgets & Hacks:-

Picasa Web Albums slideshow
Popular Posts/Most Commented
Recent Comments
Related Posts
Search box for blog
Social Bookmarking
Title Hack
Tab View Widget
Tag / Label Cloud

Upload files to multiple file Host

Are your blog visitors complaining of broken file links?
Are you fed up of uploading files to multiple file hosting sites?
Then gazup is a boon for you.
It uploads your Files to multiple file hosting sites .You just have to
decide which hosts we will upload to

* 400mb
* 200mb
* 400mb
* 400mb
* 300mb
* 100mb
* 400mb
* 400mb

browse the file
hit upload
thats it. Rest of the work gazup will do.

Moreover they are offering rewards to upload files from their websites

How to change subject of feedburner email feed?

1.login to

2.Click on publicize
feedburner publicize

Click on email branding

4.Change Email Subject/Title to ${latestItemTitle}

5.This will set name of post as subject in email

How to Delete blogger comment?

It could be very important blogger

Blog Comment

if spammers spam your blog or some one starts writing abusing comment or criticize your blog.

Then here is technic to delete the comment
1.Login to your blogger account
2.Click on view the post having comment
4.Just below comment you will see the date of comment along with very small
icon of dustbin or trash.
delete blogger comment
5.Click this dustbin.this is to delete the comment.
6.Blogger will reconfirm whether you want to delete the comment or not.
delete blogger comment
7.In case you change your mind.You can cancel the delete process at this point.If not click on delete comment .
N joy

20+ Best Tips For Onpage Optimization

  1. Image
    Use alt tag for images.This gives information about image to search engine.
  2. Xml Sitemap Create Xml Sitemap for Google crawler
  3. Social Media Add social bookmark website button.If visitors like your site content.They can Bookmark your site
  4. Use 301 Use 301 redirection to redirect to
  5. .htaccess Use .htaccess file to make dynamic website into static looking website which is easy to crawl.
  6. Validate Validate your template and post html,css,xml etc.
  7. Css Use css as much as you reduces page loading time,means speedy loading of webpage.
  8. Navigation System Use css in navigation system instead of javascript.Since,most search engines don't like javascript.As far as possible use text page navigation instead of graphical.
  9. Keyword Optimize each page for two or three keywords.Make sure webpage should have 2-6 percent keywords.
  10. Mega Tag Add mega tags to <head> since,they are still used by many search engines.
  11. Title Make sure page title conains keyword and give an idea what is post all about.
  12. InBound Linking Link Pages with one another to have better search engine ranking.
  13. Subscription Form Attach subscription form to every webpage to increase your mailing list and returning visitors
  14. Rss Feed Always provide rss feed so that visitors get information what is new added in the website
  15. Content Length Content of each webpage should be more than 300 words and less than 550 words.
  16. Videos and imagesUse videos related to your website topic.Make sure to use alt tag in case of image
  17. DomainHave a domain which is related to your website topic and is short,attractive and easy to learn.
  18. ParagraphInstead of continous text, break the content into paragraphs.This will make the text easy to read and attractive
  19. WebhostingBuy Country level webhosting and domain name if you are focusing local audience only.Say only people from India, or America
  20. Contact USAlways provide the facility to contact you.This helps in getting complaints,suggestions and advertisment order also.Provide link to contact us in every webpage.
  21. LinksPut keywords in links
  22. Robots.txtMake a validated robots.txt to let crawler know what to index and what not.
  23. FlashTry not to add flash.As it is not properly readable by crawler.If you have a website with excessive flash .Your site will take more time to load and also not readable to crawler which means no or less ranking.
  24. TemplateHave a template which is unique,attractive and loads in less time.
  25. <b><i><strong><big>Use <b><i><strong><big> in content to draw the attention of the visitors. Make sure you have used the above tags with keywords.But don't overuse it
  26. <H1>
    Use <H1> and put keyword in it.don't use <H1> more than two times on one webpage.This is the best onpage optimization

If you think i missed out something then please mention it.

How to Join U Comment I Follow Movement?

How to make your blogs comment do follow?

U Comment I Follow means all the comments are do follow in other words all the comments will be spidered by search engines.
Unfortunately the comments field in Blogger and wordpress are made no follow by default.To make it do follow ,
just do the following steps:-

  • Login to blogger account
  • Click on Layout
  • Click on Edit Html
  • Click on expand widjet
  • Find
  • <a expr:href='' rel='no follow'>
  • Delete rel='no follow' from the above code.

To know Your Visitors know that your blog comments are do follow .Then,add the
U Comment I Follow Badge..

To know whether blogger claim is fake or write that his comment box is do follow.
simply right click on any Comment heading(Normally name of website or profile of persons who commented).
see the properties

rel dofollow

By joining the movement of U Comment I Follow, you might become victim of spam.
To prevent your site from spam either do comment moderation or activate
word verification.

In case of any difficulty. I am just Comment away.


How To Schedule Posts On Blogger Blogs?

Scheduling posts feature in blogger to schedule our posts to be published automatically in future. This feature can be very useful when your exams are coming or you are going out of station or don’t have time to post for some days. In that case just schedule your posts and they will be published automatically at the scheduled time in future.This will pretend the search engines and visitors that author is posting regularly which is a positive sign for your Website or Blog publicity.

How to Schedule a post in Blogger Blog?

Just follow the following simple steps to schedule your posts.
* Write a post
* Click on Post Options at the end of post editor.
* Set the date and time at which you want to publish your post
schedule a post
* Click on Publish Post button.
* Your post is scheduled. It will be published automatically at the time it is scheduled.

How to add moving text to Blog or website

In this tutorial i will tell you

How to add Moving text or Scrolling text or Marquee text in the Blog.

This is moving text Moving Right to Left
Code For Simple Moving Text:

But Simple Moving Text Looks really ugly.
To make it attractive,we will add background colour to it by bgcolor="hexadecimal code".

This is moving text With Background Colour

Code For Moving Text With Background Colour:

You will notice that text is not clearly readable.
So,we gonna change the colour of the text.

This Is Coloured Scrolling Text With background colour.

Code For Scrolling Text With Coloured Text & Background.:

You can even control the speed of scrolling with scrollamount="

Put the value of number from 1 to 10.
Note: If you put value as 0 text will stop moving.

Now,i will teach you how to bold the moving text.

This Is Coloured Scrolling Bolded Text With background colour.

Code For Bolded Scrolling Text With Coloured Text & Background.:

You can make the text italic or underlined by replacing <b> with <i> or <u>.

This Is Scrolling Text with scrollamount="6"

Code For Scrolling Text With Speed Contol.:

You can change direction of text with direction="option"

And options are left,right,up,down

Note:By default direction is set to left.
By using direction ,you are telling text in which direction to go.

This Is Moving Text with Up Direction
This Is Moving Text with Down Direction
This Is Moving Text with Left Direction
This Is Moving Text with Right Direction

Code For Scrolling Text With Direction Control.:

You can change the behaviour of the text also from scrolling to alternate

This Is Moving Text with Alternate Behavior

Code For Scrolling Text With Alterate Behaviour.:

Note:By Default,behavior is set to scroll. Check the spellings of behaviour ,its behavior

Yahoo | Google | Blogger tips and tricks

Code For Moving Links.:

Note:replace url with page address and link with text which should appears on moving text as link

In above case url is and link is yahoo. as url and google as link.

Place as many links as you wish.


Code For Moving Image.:

Note:Replace image url by image Source address.

This Text Can be Paused.Just Point Mouse Over It.

Code For Pausing the text when mouse Cursor is pointed over the text::

Now,We will use all of the features mentioned above

Follow me on Twitter


In above case m using image as a link
These features can be very usefull to give important news or making your blog attractive

1.Login to

2.Click on Layout

3.Click on Add element


5.Paste the code

You Are Free To Ask The Questions By Commenting.

Wap in cpp to print 1st 10 even number

void main()
{ int I;
If(i%2 = = 0)

Wap in cpp to print ist 10 odd number

void main()
{ int I;
If(i%2 ! = 0)

Wap in cpp to print following pattern

Wap in cpp to print following pattern

void main()
{ int i,j;

for(j=1;j<=i; j++)
{ cout<<”j”; }

Wap in cpp to print following pattern using for loop 1 11 111 1111 11111

Wap in cpp to print following pattern using for loop

void main()
{ int i,j;

for(j=1;j<=i; j++)
{ cout<<”1”; }

Wap in cpp to reverse the digits of integer number using while loop

Reverse Digits of Integer

void main()
{ int n,j;
cout<<”enter the integer to reverse”;

Wap in cpp to display message 10 times using for loop

void main()

int i;
cout<<”this is cpp programme”<<endl;

Wap in cpp to display first 10 even number using do while loop

void main()
int i;

Wap in cpp for finding average of five numbers using array

void main()
int list[5],sum=0,avg;
cout<<”enter the 5 number to find the average”;
cin>>list[0] >>list[1] >>list[2] >>list[3] >>list[4];
sum= list[0] + list[1] + list[2] + list[3] + list[4];

Wap in cpp for finding factorial using while loop

Void main()

Int a,b,c;
Cout<<’enter the number of whom you want to find the factorial’;
Cout<<”\n\n factorial is ”<<c;


Wap in cpp for first 10 natural number using while loop

void main()
int a;


Wap in cpp for simple calculator by using switch statement

Void main()
int a,b,c,d
Cout<<”enter the value of two variable”;
Cout<<”select the operation to be performed on numbers\n 1.multification \t 2.division\n 3.addition \t 4.subtraction”;
Case 1:

Case 2:

Case 3:

Case 4:

Cout<<”please select appropriate operation”;



Best Top Google Adsense Alternatives

$100 minimum payout

Affilate system

PerformancingAds 125x125 Banner

Blog Advertising - Get Paid to Blog

Killer Seo Tips Of sucessful websites and Blog

Onpage Optimization

1. Domain Name:

Domain name do dominates the search engine ranking of website.Domain name should contain the Keyword your website on which your site is based or concerned.For example,,, etc.
Points to kept in mind while selecting domain name:-
i) Domain name should be short and easy to remember.
Ideally domain name should be of less than 9 chaacter excluding http://www. and .com
ii) Buy from known company which offers support 24 hrs
iii) preffer to get from local companies so that support can be taken easily and can enqire
about any problem

2. Web hosting:

Web hosting could be free or paid. But prefference should be given on paid hosting as there is always a better
support and have no or least time.

30+ Great Image Hosting Websites list

Image hosting websites
2Mb per image
10Mb per image File
500 MB Total Size of album
3.5Mb per image No limit for upload
6 Mb per Image File
200 Kb /

Bolded Websites have some special features for usability

Send Heavy Files Free Online

If you are looking for a

free file hosting service

where you can store your data
which can be accessd anywhere in the world or want to share it with your friends.
Then this list gonna help you a lot for sending


files. /

Reviews will be added soon .Report if any link is broken/dead by comment box.
Also suggest if you know any other website.

List Of Music Hosting Websites

Music Hosting Websites 5GB 50MB 50MB 50MB 300MB 50MB 100MB 100MB 50MB 10MB 500MB 100MB

List of free video hosting websites

Video Hosting Websites
If you know any other than please mention it.

List of links for Job Sites in India

Job Portal Exclusively for Indians

Indian torrent sites list

I came across few

indian torrent sites

.Below m sharing those.If you any other do tell us by comment.If you like the post then give a thanks

Find all the details of Website

The services used for finding information about any website/blog is known as whois and name of the website is known as domain name.whois is provided by number of websites.One name in them is which step ahead then other site as it provides almost all information about the domain which can be used for finding all the information about your competitors website/blog such as from which country is his/her site famous where it is hosted ,how many have bookmarked it, Alexa rank etc.

Guide Google Bot to crawl/index your website/blog Faster,effectively and efficiently

One should help google bot and other search engines to to get indexed by google and other search engines as soon as they write and achieve good search engine ranking in future which every blogger and web designers dreams of.This can be achieved by keeping the following points in mind:-

Check the Page Rank (PR) in bulk

If you are about to go for link building. it is always suggested to link to those sites which are new or emerging and are not banned by google.

Reopen Recently Closed Tabs in Firefox

Have you been in a condition in which you have opened number of tabs while searching something and closed one accidently most usefull tab by mistake the here is a solution

Just hit

50+ Directory for your website/blog

Here is a list of number of directories which can increase your chance for high search engine ranking by driving lots of traffic










blogging fusion




















Business directory






fuel my blog



google directory























Yahoo Directory

This list have been made by collecting information from number of sources. i haven't check all
so kindly tell if you found any link broken or dead.

this article has been taken from

List Of Pinging Service sites

What is a ping service?

Ping services is a blog/ Website promotion system which increases yours chance of getting traffic from
number of sources by notifing Search Engines and Blog directories about updated content your blog ,so that crawler visits your website and update their database.
You can ping by simply submit your site or feed to these ping services wheneveryou update or add new content.
Note: Do not ping too much or your blog get banned.

Here is a List Of Hottest Pinging Service sites updated on july 2009 which automatically pings number of sites at once.

squidutilsRegister First

You can ping manually also.
Here is a List Of Ping Service For Manual Submission.

Google Blog Ping

Let me know if you find any dead links or site offering similar service. Also alert me if you have a problem with any of the Ping Services so that I can take them off of my blog.

How TO Insert Tag Cloud In New Blogger

How tO insert Tag Cloud/ Label Cloud in new blogger

1.Login To Blogger Account
2.Click On Layout
3.Click On Add a Gadget
4.Search label Cloud

6.Change the base url, feed url from to your blogname

Best Free Softwares for Windows in 2010

All time best Window freeware

Here is a list of software for window which are not only free but works better to
same or similar to the paid softwares.

1. VLC Media Player

It is one of the best players
ever. Can Plays Number of video files than most players:
Quicktime, AVI, DIVX,
OGG, mp3, mp4 and more. Pretty good interface.

Download VLC

Download Torrent Direct From Your Browser

Download Torrent Direct From mozilla Without any external torrent client with Firefox Extension FireTorrent

FireTorrent is Firefox Extension for all Torrent Lovers! Specialy for students and employees which are not allowed to install
any software to their computer.

Just download portable firefox(mozilla). Install the firefox in pendrive. Now install the FireTorrent.

Now plug the pendrive and download the torrents.Njoy


* Integrates with firefox Built in download maager
* Have option for selecting port no, download/upload limit, location to save files, security & encryption configuration,
proxy setting, no. of connection etc.
* Provides Easy Acess to downloaded files from browser

conver .docx MS word file to .doc file

Convert .docx(New Ms Word File Format) to .doc(Old MS> Word Format) Word File Online

Zamzar is a online service which will convert docx to doc,pdf,text file and email
you the download link of the converted file into your Inbox..Zamzar supports conversion between a wide variety of
different file formats.

Document formats include: csv, doc, docx, odp, ods, odt, pdf, ppt, pptx, ps, pub, rtf, wpd, wps, xls, xlsx.
Image formats include: bmp, gif, jpg, pcx, png, tga, tiff, wbmp.
Music formats include: aac, ac3, flac, m4a, mp3, ra, ram, wav, wma.
Video formats include: 3g2, 3gp, avi, flv, gvi, m4v, mov, mp4, mpg, rm, rmvb, vob, wmv.

Zamzar also supports conversion of various compressed formats. You can also use Zamzar to download and convert videos
from popular video-sharing Web sites. Simply enter the link to your file into the "URL box" in "Step 1" on our URL conversion page,
or use the Zamzar web browser button to make converting even easier.
VISIT Zamzar

How To Add A Search Box To Blogger Blog?

1. Log into your account.
2. Click the Layout tab
3. Click Page Elements.
4. Click Add a Gadget
5. Click the plus sign next to HTML/Javascript.
6. Type Search this site in the Title box
7. Copy and paste this code in the text area.

<form id=”searchthis” action=”/search” style=”DISPLAY: inline” method=”get”><input id=”search-box” name=”q” size=”25″> <input id=”search-btn” value=”Search” type=”submit”></form>

7. Click Save
8. Click Preview

How To Add Text Area In Your Blog?

Just add
<textarea rows="10" cols="40">YOUR TEXT HERE.....</textarea>

This will Look Like

Increase Alexa Traffic Rank

install alexa toolbar and browse your blog every day. Ask your friends to do the same. Every time you browse your blog, Alexa Toolbar will communicate your visits to the Alexa Ranking Engine, which will update your ranking.


set you blog as the home page for your browser.
and ask your friends, relatives to do the same.


try to add webmasters category to your blog, because all webmasters already installed alexa toolbar, which will affect your rank when they visit your blog with alexa toolbar installed.


Visit any website, blog or forum with related content( can be easily find by google ), leave your link there as comment or reply.


Add alexa rank widget to your blog.


Right article about alexa and encourage people to download the alexa toolbar.

Hide, Disable or Remove Blogger Blogspot NavBar?

Disable or Remove Blogger NavBar
1.login to your blogger account on layout
3.Edit Html
5.add the following lines after that

#navbar {
height: 0px;
visibility: hidden;
display: none;

10+ Free Blog Host sites

There are number of site which host your blog.Top one are

10.Live journal

How to submit more than 100 posts to Google Sitemap

Google Sitemap refers the latest 25 posts from Blogger
but there is a still way to submit your all of your posts.

If you have more than 100 posts and want to post all to Google Sitemap



If you have more than 200 posts




how to add site map to google

Submit Your Blogger/FeedBurner Sitemap to Google Webmaster Tools
Submitting a Sitemap to Google Webmaster Tools provides Google about your site and posts.Now question arises how to submit the sitemap,here are the steps to follow

Register at Google webmaster with your google account(orkut, feedburner, you tube,gmail, picassa)

If you do not use a redirected custom feed such as FeedBurner, type "atom.xml" and click "Add General Web Sitemap" button.

If you do use a redirected custome feed such as FeedBurner, type "atom.xml?redirect=false".

Otherwise you will see "URL not allowed" error because the sitemap you have submitted to Google Webmaster Tools is actually redirecting to the FeedBurner feed URL not your site URL. And your Sitemap contains a URL that is not allowed based on the Sitemap's location.