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The services used for finding information about any website/blog is known as whois and name of the website is known as domain name.whois is provided by number of websites.One name in them is which step ahead then other site as it provides almost all information about the domain which can be used for finding all the information about your competitors website/blog such as from which country is his/her site famous where it is hosted ,how many have bookmarked it, Alexa rank etc.

just enter the name of the site of which you want to find the info

domaintools result
domaintools also offers other number of features such as
Domain name availability of
My ip address
Domain history
Domain name suggestion
Domain Expiry details etc.

Visit domaintools

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  1. ya it's really amazing.There are many ways available to get website information.Here i share my own experience.I checked domain host information at got accurate results like country details,latitude&longtitude also.


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