learn trignometric table

1.write 0,30,45,60,90 in 1st row
2.sin,cos,tan in column 
3. write 0,1,2,3,4 in front of sin under respective column of step 1
4. divide the step 3 values by 4 
5. take under root of step 4

Cos is reverse of sin [start from right of sin values

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mnemonics:Learn light spectrum in decreasing frequency order or increasing wavelength order

violet, indigo, blue, green, yellow, orange and red 

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learn a trignometric formula

Some People Have Curly Brown HairTurned Permanently Black
S = P/H
Sin = Perpendicular / Hypotenuse
Curly Brown Hair
C = B/H
Cos = Base/Hypotenuse
Turned Permanently Black
T = P/B
Tan = Perpendicular/Base

pandit bhadri parsad har har bole sona chandi tole
perpendicular base perpendicular
(p) (b) (p)
hypotenuse hypotenuse base
(h) (h) (b)
sine cosine tangent
(s) (c) (t)

Sin = P/H, Cos = B/H, Tan = P/B 

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Maths Trick Time taken to double the money

You might have heard about time taken to double your invested money in X no. of years when agents are marketing about their product instead of straight away telling about effective rate of interest.

So i am sharing you a trick to calculate rate of interest to double the amount if you know the time or
vice versa in a matter of 3 seconds.

Scope of formula :
applicable to compound interest
gives you a rough idea may or may not be accurate
Applicable to double the amount

(Time taken to double Invested money) X (Rate of interest) = 72

Formula Check
rate of interest be 10 % annualy, Investment amount Rs. 100000
using formula
= 72 / Rate of interest
= 72/10
= 7.2 years

Amount = p  [(1+R%)^t]
=100000 [(1+10/100)^7.2]

Formula Pass

If like the trick say Thanks 

Percentage - Net Discount after series of discounts

Net Discount after series of discounts
Net Discount= (1- 1st discount%) X (1-2nd disscount %) and so on
Discount on shirt 10% on 30%

Net discount = (1-0.1)(1-0.3)=(0.9*0.7)=0.63
or say 63 % net discount

Lets check this formula on shirt mrp 100 Rs.

After First Discount

After Second Discount

Percentage Change = Price After Discount / Original Price *100