Snap deal Review

today m going to write a review on Snapdeal to which i get introduced through online advertisments.
This is one of the best website i found to get the best deals in your own city

Just register ,Select your city and find deal you like and pay some small amount in my case it was just RS. 50  deduced in advance 200 in shop .deal was pay 250 for combo meal in place of 599.
I paid through HDFC NetBanking .
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  1. Anonymous7/08/2011

    With snapdeal, i visted YASHKAA restaurant in hyderabad. it was such a stupid hotel i have never been to. Ambience is good. but it doesn't have anything to eat. one or two curries.. not even paneer. can a expect a hotel without paneer item?

  2. In my case it was not like that i am in chandigarh tried it thrice to the places which i already knew.Anyways thanks alot for comment

  3. Snap deal is a stupid website. They say one thing in deal and when you go there actually it is some thing else.. And the worst part is you cannot write review in snap deal. I have bad experience with OM Opticals in snap deal.

    They are just snatching money out of our pocket..

    1. This is Bharath from Bangalore.

      #snapdeal One of the worst eCommerce player, not worth of trusting:

      I ordered a zebroniks key board (order no 3398271755) on 31st october 2014. Recieved it on November 6, it was broken when i opened it. So i requested for a replacement. Your agent asked me to send images of the broken product and said then they will arrange for the replacement. You can find it in the mail chain.

      November 9th an agent from courier comes and pick up the product back. when i enquired about the delivery, i was told that by 14th i will recieve it, it was then postponed to 19th, then to 25th and now when i followed up, they are telling i will receive my product by 1st of December.

      My repeated calls to Snapdeal customer care is of no use. they are promising to arrange call backs which doesn't happen, and till now i have not received any updates from them.

  4. Anonymous9/25/2011

    I lodged a complaint to the snap deal about one of his offer........
    But the result is a complete zero. They are just earning money ....... nothing else.....

    Still, if i was told to grade them in regard to services, then it is 50% good experience.........

  5. I used this site khojguru and coupon mania they are realy nice websites for free coupons..

  6. Customer Service at Snap Deals really SUCKS.

    I called up to clarify one of the fine print on of the deal but the representative could not understand the point being made instead, kept on advocating what I had told her….I heard from the Merchant. She never tried to clarify for once the fine print & its correct interpretation. When I asked her to escalate the call she said that it will not help (guess she already knew that the escalation queue is no better). But still had faith and requested for the escalation & waited patiently to hear back from her senior. To my utter surprise the guy who attended the escalation…Rishabh (a moron of Grade A), did not even bother to listen to my issue instead quickly repeated the same comment which his colleague would have written down before escalation. Stupid staff think that only they are smart assess and no one else knows about the processes of an in-bound call center.

    I was amazed at the pathetic quality of Customer Service offered. They are only trying to fool people and know zilch about customer service. Guess the message they wanted to give out was that the words from the representatives are final and there is no point in escalating. So, if you bounce into bad rep. (chances of which are very high considering my experience with 2 morons) you are gone coz then there is no way further.

    TIP – Snap Deal should shut down the customer service escalation queue, at-least they will be able to save some money being paid to the staff on the queue.

    1. Well u r right. I also bumped into some morons i guess. Worst service!!!!!

    2. Hemant5/18/2012

      Snapdeal is worst ecommerce site. Do not purchase. Use

    3. Anonymous7/16/2012

      SnapDeal is worst online shopping site. don't rely on it. I purchased gift for my husband and after waiting of 10 days i called up Snapdeal they said ' we are sorry, your order couldn't dispacthed, we will dispatch it today" again waited for a week and when i called up they said item is not in stock so we will refund your money . never ever trust this site. Fake offers and fraud company.

  7. Snap deal is worst website !!! I made order in snapdeal twice and the product was not delivered on time. I have every proof of that. They say the order is on escalation on their side, but there is no seriousness from their end.


  8. Kusuma3/12/2012

    Snap deal doesn't stand by the time of delivery. They just give some vague date of shipping and they keep on postponing the date of shipping. Though they know that the shipping takes time, they intimate some shortest date and while the date is nearing and when the customer is expecting the item, they again postpone the shipping date. I have made purchases from many online sites and got the item delivered 2 days before the delivery date (in worst case, sometimes it also took just 2 days for delivery for other online sites) that they mention. Thinking snapdeal would be of such site, I mistakenly ordered for an item and now after realizing the fact, I have requested for cancellation of the ordered item. Have to wait and see how much time they take to refund the amount. Really getting irritated by snapdeal shipping process.

  9. Kusuma3/12/2012

    Snapdeal doesn't deliver item promptly, instead they keep on postponing the date of shipping. I am really irritated with snapdeal service.

  10. Abhishek4/13/2012

    I placed order for a mouse and keyboard combo on 25th march.. It is 20 days but it has not been delivered. Customer care is really pathetic. They make customer to hate snapdeal. I am never going to order anything from them.

  11. Anonymous4/24/2012

    I placed order for a mouse at 11 Apr 2012 they give me date of delivery is 18 Apr on 17 Apr i got email my order is delayed and deliver by 21 Apr.
    At 20 Apr i got another email said that my order is delay again and new shipping date is 24 Apr.
    Lastly at 24 Apr today i got my order is cancelled.
    Look at images

    I have decided i never, never never us snapdeal.

  12. Anonymous8/01/2012

    snapdeal have got worst delivery service, customer care service among the major online shopping sites.

  13. I had ordered a Designer Saree from Snapdeal for my wife on our anniversary for Rs.1799/-. On the list the product looked great but actually when it was delivered, the product was not at all matching with what I had ordered. In fact when I checked with the local saree vendors in Mumbai, they bluntly told me that this product is highly substandard & not worth paying more than Rs.400/-. Snapdeal is fooling people so Its my sincere request not to fall prey to such websites. We should always take a walk to the nearest shop/mall & buy what our naked eyes approve of.

    1. Snapdeal sells downright cheap stuff at exorbitant rates. Their deals are totally fake. customer service is invisible.

  14. My sincere advice to those who purchase goods online: especially clothes : Please dont do it until and unless you are not able to go out for shopping. The sites like snapdeal bluff customers by giving false deals and deliver products of poor quality. They try to deceive customers and sell the goods. Dont fall into the trap.

  15. Snap deals is awesome! I have many time uses its deal for discount on colored tatoos.

  16. I can say Snapdeal is by far good for me, with on time delivery and well packaged shipment.

    Ordered funbook Pro from Snapdeal here it's :)

  17. The apprehension with Snapdeal that comes is that the end usage does not happen then... you have to visit the store in person to avail the offer which happens at a later date... however better and efficient means could be sites like where in you can use the offers online and end gratification happens instantly... it depends upon individuals .. if you want instant gratifications, the couponplanets work the best... i find it easier..

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  19. Anonymous11/12/2012

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  24. Ashish0091/09/2013

    I was always tempted to buy online as its quite easy to compare products and you get a good deal but never ventured into buying online, atleast any expensive product as I didn't have much trust in online retailers in India. But looking at reviews, which were not bad I thought I should give it a try and I chose snapdeal to be my fist online retailer as it was big and had acceptable reviews. I think I got wrong here. For online shopping you need only good reviews and not acceptable.

    I bought a oil filled radiator for my parents from Snapdeal, paid full money upfront and was promised a delivery date.
    Delivery did come but one day late. That was acceptable I think.
    When package was opened to my horror I was sent another product Bajaj RX9 rather than Bajaj RHF09. The number provided in courier was unreachable. I contacted the customer care number and was ensured I will get reply within 24-48 hrs. No reply as you would guess so I contacted them again after 48 hrs and was told case is been looked into and I should wait another 24-48 hrs. I was asked to provide snaps of wrong product which I couldn't as I ordered it for my parents in another city and they couldn’t access internet to past them pics. But I knew what I could expect from them and chased them each day for next 4 days to get 24-48 hrs timeline. I got to know the people well; Harsh Mehta , Monika Bhardwaj, Anandita, Abhishek & Shiti Mittal.

    Finally I managed to get a courier pickup for wrong product. GREAT!!but what about the product I ordered. To my dismay I was asked to wait till they receive the product back to check if they can still provide the item I ordered or can give me an option for replacement(at added cost)or might be able to give refund. When I asked why can't the product delivered at same time when you pick up the wrong product there was no answer. Also when I asked to cancel the order and give me refund so that I can buy the product from somewhere else , managed to get some answer. PLEASE WAIT TILL WE GET THE WRONG PRODUCT BACK.

    I don't want to buy the product from market and then get one from snapdeal also. So only option to be is wait and wait till I get reply, I hope there might still be some winters left.

    my experience with SNAPDEAL

    1) You might get it cheap from them but if your order goes wrong you will curse it. Weeks of chasing in hope of some result.
    2) Problem with logistics
    3) Customer service is a nightmare. They can just give you a complaint number and pass it on to another department.

    two word of advice

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  28. Anonymous2/18/2013

    Snapdeal is one of the worst online shopping website..

  29. Anonymous2/18/2013

    They have hired South India Gunda in QA Department who threatens his subordinates ....

  30. Anonymous3/19/2013

    I had ordered Nokia bh 111, magenta coloured in jan 2013, they sent me a product which i couldnt charge and only one side ear phone working. sent it back. In return they sent me a product which was not detectable from any bluetooth mobiles. also they sent blue coloured bluetooth device and black coloured ear phones(such a careless attitude after receiving money). Had to send it back.
    Now they are telling me that the device fully functional and that i had not complained about the wrong colour of the product. so they ll send the same product.
    They are cheaters. they sell defective product for 1629rs and after taking that we are supposed to submit to nokia care for replacement under warrenty.. this is there fraud business. Beware. I am yet to get justice. They are situated in Delhi and cheating, so that we dont go to consumer court.

  31. Snapdeal... What should I write about them.. Liars, misinterpret terms and conditions, donot bother to deliver, incompetent... The list is endless.. So deal with them only if you have the time, energy and patience to listen to their nonsense..

  32. Anonymous4/24/2013

    guys I order a watch when i got the watch it was defective...they did not check the product before sending. They told me to contact blue cart service after contacting them they did nt turned up. pls guys before ordering any product think twice..few of my friends faced the same problems with the product.

  33. Anonymous4/24/2013

    oliva watch.... guys when i got this watch it was defective...they did not check the product before sending. They told me to contact blue cart service after contacting them they did nt turned up. pls guys before ordering any product think twice..few of my friends faced the same problems with the product.

  34. Anonymous5/13/2013

    I have very bad experience with snapdeal, but sometimes you will get lowest price. My suggestion while dealing with this site is to opt for 'cash on delivery', if the product within expected time take it, otherwise you can cancel the same.

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  38. I have bought a lenovo Laptop recently and it turned out that, warranty is available for only 6 months (the warranty started 6 months back). I have raised complaint "3148282" and currently Snapdeal is playing hide and seek with me. I have made atleast 5 calls to them, every time I was told that issue will be resolved on the same day, but nothing happened until now. Please be careful while buying expensive items online...

  39. Snapdeal has now become the most trusted store after Flipkart. And I recommend these two.

  40. Anonymous10/30/2013

    Ok, so I have decided to by Nokia Asha 206 for my father who doesn’t stay with me. Snapdeal ships the phone promptly. So far so good. Mobile is working, I am able to call they are able to hear me, ringtones, messages alright.

    I visited them 15 days later, checked the mobile, ok, no problem. After a few days I asked for charger to charge it. Awwwwww Gosh Jeez, a charger with Micro Mak written on it (see picture). They got it from the packet.

    Seller (digilogic beware) has opened the box and replaced original one with a 50 bucks fake. I called Snapdeal, awful response, said they entertain any call only within 7 days after which no claims no guarantee.

    Beware Snapdeal has no quality control over their sellers. You won’t even know you got a fake china model instead of original one if you are not able to identify withing 7 days you may lose 50000 bucks as well. BS 7 days Trust pay.

    I would say don’t buy electronics from snapdeal. You may be a victim

  41. naveen kumar11/11/2013

    Don't buy any product from the snapdeal. I had ordered two item last month. one is juicer mixer and other one is water purifier. First they had given me the damage juicer mixer and in second one they had not given me the freebies. After doing so many call and mail, I had received my freebies but still they are not refunding my money or replacing the juicer mixer. They have very bad customer support , don't have any sense how to treat their customer.

    Naveen Kumar

  42. Anonymous12/05/2013

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  43. Anonymous12/10/2013

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  44. Anonymous12/10/2013

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  45. Anonymous12/12/2013

    Snapdeal never cares for your complaints/concerns once you buy the products from their website. repeated calls and mails yielded no results. Even review on mouthshut is futile (
    they wont respond whatever you do!

  46. Hi Team,

    I purchased pen drive via snap deal on 12-12-2013 but still am not received my product and amount. Kindly help with me how i claim my money. This not my complaint i need my money or my product kindly help. My order number and transaction number as below.
    Order ID 1499677915
    12-Dec-2013 (12-Dec-2013)
    INB PayU India 60964831IGO7741821 TRANSFER TO 32173669294 STATE BANK OF INDIA O

  47. Anonymous1/23/2014

    I ordered a Lenovo Essentials 505s. Order Number: 1623366609... Delivery date of my product was 22nd Jan 2014, and later on it was re-scheduled to 27th Jan 2014. After speaking with the customer care at snapdeal, I didn't find any solution for early delivery. I provided the option to either deliver it within two days or refund my whole amount, Team Leader from customer care named "Saurabh" directly cancelled my order and didn't promise to deliver the product in time which I asked to do. This is the worst online shopping option. I will never even think about visiting snapdeal website, forget about shopping from there. I wanted a laptop for my business purpose on urgent basis, but due to these idiots, I has been delayed for another week.. :(

    Never buy anything from Snap deal...

    Idiots.. SnapDeal.... It should have been Which slaps people.. hahahah LOLz...

  48. Anonymous2/04/2014

    Hi Team,
    I have placed an order for a mobile phone Micromax Canvas Fun A63, my order id 1643100968 on 26th January 2014, I havent received my order yet...after several follow ups there was no specific reason provided for the delay... when I placed a call to the customer care center I was informed that my order will be dispatched on 3rd feb 2014 , again when I placed a call on 4th Feb 2014 afternoon I was again informed that my order is getting delayed due to unavoidable circumstances and further it will be dispatched on the 6th of Feb later in the evening I am Getting another Text message that as the stipulated time period is over and we are unable to provide you the product requested so we are cancelling your order, Then i placed a call on the customer care to know why the order has been cancelled without my consent , there was the same IVR reply that as we are out of stock the same cannot be delivered...later when again i am visiting the site to place an order I can see the same product available with a vary in the price and there was no where mentioned that the product is out of stock... the customer service is so poor that when i asked the representative to transfer the call to his manager on floor I got a reply that managers are available from 9 to 6 in the morning whereas in the website it is mentioned that customer service is available for 24/7 ....I am really disappointed with the service provided by snapdeal and will advice that people should avoid shopping ...

    Can anyone assist what shall I do further ....

  49. i brought 2 pair of shoes from snap deal and they send me wrong size and color both of them are useless for me and when i asked for a return i was old told that i will have to send them back myself instead of them picking it up as they say in their site that they will pick up the product by them selves even after calling the customer care again and again no solution was provided they are one of the worse online sellers beware people..


    news about snapdeal in kerala news papers.... they are cheating customers

  51. I have unfortunately bought an AC LLoyd 1 ton from Snapdeal. First it has taken nearly 20 days for the transaction to complete. After delivering they have forgotten about the customer. I was told that installation would be taken care of by the company. It has been 10 days since the product has arrived , and no call from either the company LLoyds nor from Snapdeal. Such a major con job. I wish there was authority regulating these sites as they are major in Cheating public and they are more interested in making money at the customers cost . Misleading advts is one more thing which I learnt later. The product is available for Rs 4000/- lesser in the market. PLEASE BE CAREFUL OF SITES SUCH AS SNAPDEAL

  52. Anonymous5/11/2014

    Avoid SnapDeal. 11 may 2014.
    I have bought three items from snap deal.
    A bean bag in bangalore in 2009.(pensee leathers) It turned out to be sub-standard and overpriced and undersized.
    2014 has not changed them. Bought lotto shoes for 999, which they claimed is of 3499 and shoes turned out to be sub-standard and not worth even 500.

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  54. Anonymous10/30/2014

    Price change every 5min.many instance final cart price are more than the offer price toll free support delivery is another joke.placed ord for 4 prod's

    order ID: 3036405081 | Order Placed on : 2014-10-06 16:55:20 - Not Delivered

    order ID: 3089104053 | Order Placed on : 2014-10-09 09:13:06 - Still Waiting For Refund

    order ID: 3141685164 | Order Placed on : 2014-10-11 22:41:46 - Not Delivered

    order ID: 3246263380 | Order Placed on : 2014-10-18 13:46:18- Not Delivered

    placed on 6th,now its 4th week & AM still waiting 4 the product.estimated delivery date promised while purchasing pased more than 2wks for some of the products.there customer care another big joke.Any time in a day if you call there call center ,you will be in Q for at least 20-30 mins to reach a rep. called their number on 12 AM and 2AM ,guess what. I was in Q for more than 10 them & they have no clue were the package is.everyone will give a standard script reply " apologies for the inconvenience you have experience , am raising a complaint..we will get back in 48 hr".still no One called.I think for snapdeal 48 hrs means 480hrs. ask them about call back time, again std script"they can call any time in48 hrs" and they will give contact number for some unknown courier company.if you call that number ,be ready for being in Q for at least an HR. But till date they keep raising complaints i think some 7 by now which i raised myself .as per SD customers are fu***g morons.after calling 7 time ,avg 40min, spending 200 rs on phone.done with SNAP(F****G)DEAL.


  55. Anonymous10/30/2014

    For the author of this blog, do some basic research abt it before publishing.

  56. Anonymous11/02/2014

    Snapdeal. Customer service???????? Doesn't exist. Thank God my order was COD. Never arrived. No response to phone calls and online complaints. Pathetic. This is the reason I won't pay online to Indian online retailers. There are no come backs.

  57. This is my first brush with Snapdeal, and probably the last one. Very bad experience. The language written on the pages should be read lawyers, not simple customers. My misfortune that I ordered two units of SONY Bravia TV on Snapdeal. worth Rs. 95000/- on 17th Nov. The site said shipped in 1 working day, later on I understood it means "will be handed over to the courier in 1 day". Today, on 26th Nov. I called up BlueDard (equally pathetic), they said we have the shipment but don't know when we will be able to deliver. There was even a difference in the price reflecting on the page, and in the cart, it was about 1500/- more. I think the honeymoon period of online shopping is over. Now they are giving us the taste of "faceless" buying. I strongly recommend, pay a little extra, but buy from a brick and mortar store. If you don't like the treatment being handed over to you, at least you can slap somebody standing in front of you or shout at the store owner. Here it is nothing...some fools listen to your story and then say...yes I understand sir, but cant help you.
    To add insult to injury, about two day back my son proudly said I have a friend who works in Snapdeal. Let me call him and find out. The friend, after taking about 2-3 hours, called back and said...I can't say where your shipment is, things are very confusing here.
    Once again my strong recommendation...STAY AWAY FROM THIS PATHETIC SITE CALLED SNAPDEAL.

  58. Anonymous12/16/2014

    I stumbled upon this site when after a bad experience with Snapdeal, looked at experiences of other customers. I had gone through many customer view sites also now. To my little surprise, Snapdeal has attracted 95% adverse comments from its customers not any one day but consistently for years!! Looking at the main thrust of bad service, I am inclined to think that Snapdeal is profiting on customers money collected in huge amounts on a rolling fashion like the hawala and gaining by recurring short-term investments. Will oneday a big scam like the Ponzi scheme be unearthed from them? Wont be a surprise if it happens! If it is not so, then Snapdeal can win global award for the Worst Business System. The shear mammoth Indian population (of buyers) is the reason for such a bad company still floating for few years now in spite of such terrible state of affairs!

  59. i am order blue saree 25th December but u giving red saree. i contact 4 to 5 times customer care but you are not responding .. forde people showing one thing and giving one thinag rascals ...could u tell me how many times i have to contact to you mother fucker?? this is your services as hole.. worst service...and very bad experience...

  60. Anonymous1/17/2015


  61. Anonymous1/17/2015

    Snapdeal thrives on cheating and fraud. it's motto is to 'loot one and all'
    Order on Snapdeal only if you are ready to lose your money as well as sleep.

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  63. Anonymous5/16/2015

    my oreder no 6129341707. plz return my item. my item is laminaton machine.
    my complain is only replace my item.plz contect me:9824504893

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  67. My experience in snapdeal is very bad i brought saree from here its cost is 3000 but the quality of saree is very bad its look very cheap.
    So donot buy from here .. the good shopping site is now a days is flipkart,amazon ,reservedeal

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