Lic online Premium

If you are also one of them who have busy schedule and difficult to take some time to pay lic premium.Then you will love this news.Lic have come up with the service of e payment.

1. Register at LIC
Note:- you need to know the policy number along with installment premium precisely.

2. Enroll for policy

3. Make payment by Netbanking.

4. Take print out of payment receipt for your record

1. Policy premium calender.

2. Policy details can be seen such as maturity date , payment made on etc.

3.No charge to avail the facility

4. No need to stand in quee


1.Very slow website.

2.You can pay policy registered under your name only.

Note:-  You need to make different login if policy is registered under any other person name than you.You can't deposit your wife premium by your own login.You need to make a different login for your wife.

Benefit to LIC and you

1. Better service as there is no need to stand in quee to make a premium payment

2. Hassle free information (you don't need to go to lic branch to see on which plicy you had taken the loan etc,)

3. Flow of white money
since payment is made by bank account flow of black money will reduce. Also you don't have to take tension as any note you have taken from ATM might come out fake and you are short of money making less payment and suffers for penalty.

4.Instant payment with no agent in between.

Forgot Your Pan Number?

Are you one of thos who have forgot their pan number and not able to find where you had placed the Pan Card?

Then here is a good news for you.

You can easily find out your Pan card online by following steps.

1. Visit Income Tax India 

2. Enter your First Name Last Name and date of birth.

3. Hit Submit Query Button

4. If there is any clash of similar name site asks for Father Name.

Voila Your Pan Number is in front of you.

What is Pan Card?

PAN Card is a card issued by Income tax department of India engraved with ten digit alpha Numeric Number along with your photo and signature (just started) printed on it and  is compulasory for every indian citizen or Non resident of India who want to make any financial transaction or investment in India.

Why to apply for Pan Card?
1. It can be used as a Identity Proof.

2. Now it is mandatory to have a pan card to
open a bank account
Applying for Loan
For opening a demat account
For buying or selling mutual fund ,stocks
To deposit or Cash payment of more than Rs. 50000
For getting the credit card
For buying or selling property

1. No individual can have more than one Permanent Account Number.If you have lost the Pan Card you can get a newly printed PAN Card but with same Permanent Account Number as of previous.

2. Pan is unique ,Permanent that means no two persons have same Permanent Account Number.

3. For Minor(age less than 18) to open a bank account ,Parent or guardian Pan card can be used.

4.For buying or selling property in india both seller and buyer should have Pan card.

5. If by chance you have more than one pan card with different Permanent Account Number you can be punished by law with a panelty of Rs. 10000.

Lost Pan Card?

If you have lost your Pan card,then you don't need to panic .You can get a new
Pan card by following following steps.

1. Fill the  form
Request For New PAN Card Or/ And Changes Or Correction In PAN Data online
Income Tax India 

2.Get the print out of acknowledgment

3.Submit the Fees ( online by Netbanking or Credit Card or Demand Draft or check

4. Get Photocopy of filled form for future reference

5. Send it along with proof of address (POA) and proof of Identity(POI)[photocopy self attested] and photograph ,aknowlegment duly signed and filled along with payment proof.(original)
'Income Tax PAN Services Unit,
National Securities Depository Limited,
3rd floor, Sapphire Chambers,
Near Baner Telephone Exchange, Baner,
Pune - 411045'

For more information refer

Note :- File a FIR(First Information Report) to police and get the copy of it so that no one can use your pan card for illegal purpose as it can be used as Identity proof.

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