Quickly cycle through open Word documents

quickly cycle through open Word documents. Much faster than mousing around!

Ctrl + F6 (hold down the Ctrl key and then press the F6 key) cycles you “forwards” and Shift + Ctrl + F6 cycles you “backwards” through the stack of open Word docs.

Notepad Tricks

These are some really amazing notepad tricks which you can see in the windows notepad. Check them out right away.

Trick 1

* Open a note pad
* Type " Bush hid the facts " .
* Save that file,
* Close it
* Again open and see...

Trick 2

NOTEPAD "World Trade Centre Trick".. ::

Did you know that the flight number of the plane that had hit WTC ...on
9/11 was Q33N ....Open your Notepad in ur computer and type the flight
number i.e Q33N... Increase the Font Size to 72, Change the Font to
Wingdings. U will be amazed by the findings.

Trick 3

Log trick !! Make your Notepad a diary ::

Sometimes we want to insert current data and time, whenever we open the file in the notepad. If you are a lazy person like me, who don’t like to press F5 whenever you open a notepad. Then here is a trick to avoid this. Just add a .LOG in the first line of your text file and close it.
Whenever you open the file with that text in the first line in the notepad, it will insert the current date and time at the end of the file. You can start entering your text after that.

Increase recieving limit of SMS in Google SMS Channels

Increase recieving limit of SMS in Google SMS Channels
Login to Google SMS Channels

Click on "Settings" [which is located in right side top corner of the page]
Change start time 8AM and end time to 10PM


Send Free sms

SMS has became one of the most important medium of mobile communication . In India , there are several operators including Airtel , Vodafone , Idea etc. giving pretty good tariff rates for mobile SMS . With the increased influence of internet , probably unlimited or free internet in colleges and schools , free SMS websites are gaining popularity in India.

There are several free SMS websites in India . Popular ones' offer group messaging, social networking , and mobile alerts .These Free SMS websites are supported by advertisements but delivers messages almost instantly .

Free SMS websites in India :
160by2 offers free SMS to all mobile phones in India . But the number of daily SMS's are limited to 50 . They maintains an excellent mobile portal and a mobile software for sending messages .

Youmint is another free SMS website in India paying its users for receiving SMS .They pays the users through the targeted advertisements sent through SMS. Users can also invite their friends and relatives to their SMS network , that adds up to their payments .

has a totally impressive SMS delivery time .Users can attach their email address to way2sms so that they would be alerted on arrival of a new mail .

Indyarocks is one of the oldest free SMS website in India . They also manages an SMS supported social networking site .

Ibibo is a complete Indian entertainment portal . Their iSMS feature allows the users to send SMS worldwide . You can send unlimited free SMS over India through ibibo with an average SMS delivery time.

Google SMS channels are operated by Google labs India . This service is still in testing but offers a wide variety of delivery options . This services enables the user to create and promote their SMS channels . Whenever the channel owner update the content , All the members are alerted by SMS .Channel owner can also add a site feed as SMS source . This is the only free SMS website in India which is not supported by advertisement , but the speed of SMS delivery is not so impressive . There are many groups to join : NjoyJokes,Jokezone,celebrity , Bollywood , Hollywood , SMS ,technology etc .

Download Torrent Files Without Using Torrent Client

Download Torrent Files Without Using Torrent Client
How To Download?
All you have to do is go to BitLet.Org
First of all, copy the torrent metafile URL and paste it at BitLet.Org then press "Download Torrent". Done !!
You're now downloading torrent files without using torrent client.
GO tell your friend about this magic.

Note:You must have Java Plug-in in your browser..

15 Coolest Firefox Tricks Ever

15 Coolest Firefox Tricks Ever

Everybody’s favorite open-source browser, Firefox, is great right out of the box. And by adding some of the awesome extensions available out there, the browser just gets better and better.

But look under the hood, and there are a bunch of hidden (and some not-so-secret) tips and tricks available that will crank Firefox up and pimp your browser. Make it faster, cooler, more efficient. Get to be a Jedi master with the following cool Firefox tricks.

1) More screen space. Make your icons small. Go to View - Toolbars - Customize and check the “Use small icons” box.

2) Smart keywords. If there’s a search you use a lot (let’s say IMDB.com’s people search), this is an awesome tool that not many people use. Right-click on the search box, select “Add a Keyword for this search”, give the keyword a name and an easy-to-type and easy-to-remember shortcut name (let’s say “actor”) and save it. Now, when you want to do an actor search, go to Firefox’s address bar, type “actor” and the name of the actor and press return. Instant search! You can do this with any search box.

3) Keyboard shortcuts. This is where you become a real Jedi. It just takes a little while to learn these, but once you do, your browsing will be super fast. Here are some of the most common (and my personal favs):

* Spacebar (page down)
* Shift-Spacebar (page up)
* Ctrl+F (find)
* Alt-N (find next)
* Ctrl+D (bookmark page)
* Ctrl+T (new tab)
* Ctrl+K (go to search box)
* Ctrl+L (go to address bar)
* Ctrl+= (increase text size)
* Ctrl+- (decrease text size)
* Ctrl-W (close tab)
* F5 (reload)
* Alt-Home (go to home page)

4) Auto-complete. This is another keyboard shortcut, but it’s not commonly known and very useful. Go to the address bar (Control-L) and type the name of the site without the “www” or the “.com”. Let’s say “google”. Then press Control-Enter, and it will automatically fill in the “www” and the “.com” and take you there - like magic! For .net addresses, press Shift-Enter, and for .org addresses, press Control-Shift-Enter.

5) Tab navigation. Instead of using the mouse to select different tabs that you have open, use the keyboard. Here are the shortcuts:

* Ctrl+Tab (rotate forward among tabs)
* Ctrl+Shft+Tab (rotate to the previous tab)
* Ctrl+1-9 (choose a number to jump to a specific tab)

6) Mouse shortcuts. Sometimes you’re already using your mouse and it’s easier to use a mouse shortcut than to go back to the keyboard. Master these cool ones:

* Middle click on link (opens in new tab)
* Shift-scroll down (previous page)
* Shift-scroll up (next page)
* Ctrl-scroll up (decrease text size)
* Ctrl-scroll down (increase text size)
* Middle click on a tab (closes tab)

7) Delete items from address bar history. Firefox’s ability to automatically show previous URLs you’ve visited, as you type, in the address bar’s drop-down history menu is very cool. But sometimes you just don’t want those URLs to show up (I won’t ask why). Go to the address bar (Ctrl-L), start typing an address, and the drop-down menu will appear with the URLs of pages you’ve visited with those letters in them. Use the down-arrow to go down to an address you want to delete, and press the Delete key to make it disappear.

8) User chrome. If you really want to trick out your Firefox, you’ll want to create a UserChrome.css file and customize your browser. It’s a bit complicated to get into here, but check out this tutorial.

9) Create a user.js file. Another way to customize Firefox, creating a user.js file can really speed up your browsing. You’ll need to create a text file named user.js in your profile folder (see this to find out where the profile folder is) and see this example user.js file that you can modify. Created by techlifeweb.com, this example explains some of the things you can do in its comments.

10) about:config. The true power user’s tool, about.config isn’t something to mess with if you don’t know what a setting does. You can get to the main configuration screen by putting about:config in the browser’s address bar. See Mozillazine’s about:config tips and screenshots.

11) Add a keyword for a bookmark. Go to your bookmarks much faster by giving them keywords. Right-click the bookmark and then select Properties. Put a short keyword in the keyword field, save it, and now you can type that keyword in the address bar and it will go to that bookmark.

12) Speed up Firefox. If you have a broadband connection (and most of us do), you can use pipelining to speed up your page loads. This allows Firefox to load multiple things on a page at once, instead of one at a time (by default, it’s optimized for dialup connections). Here’s how:

* Type “about:config” into the address bar and hit return. Type “network.http” in the filter field, and change the following settings (double-click on them to change them):
* Set “network.http.pipelining” to “true”
* Set “network.http.proxy.pipelining” to “true”
* Set “network.http.pipelining.maxrequests” to a number like 30. This will allow it to make 30 requests at once.
* Also, right-click anywhere and select New-> Integer. Name it “nglayout.initialpaint.delay” and set its value to “0″. This value is the amount of time the browser waits before it acts on information it receives.

13) Limit RAM usage. If Firefox takes up too much memory on your computer, you can limit the amount of RAM it is allowed to us. Again, go to about:config, filter “browser.cache” and select “browser.cache.disk.capacity”. It’s set to 50000, but you can lower it, depending on how much memory you have. Try 15000 if you have between 512MB and 1GB ram.

14) Reduce RAM usage further for when Firefox is minimized. This setting will move Firefox to your hard drive when you minimize it, taking up much less memory. And there is no noticeable difference in speed when you restore Firefox, so it’s definitely worth a go. Again, go to about:config, right-click anywhere and select New-> Boolean. Name it “config.trim_on_minimize” and set it to TRUE. You have to restart Firefox for these settings to take effect.

15) Move or remove the close tab button. Do you accidentally click on the close button of Firefox’s tabs? You can move them or remove them, again through about:config. Edit the preference for “browser.tabs.closeButtons”. Here are the meanings of each value:

* 0: Display a close button on the active tab only
* 1Default) Display close buttons on all tabs
* 2on’t display any close buttons
* 3display a single close button at the end of the tab bar (Firefox 1.x behavior)

Hide the List of Recent Documents

Hide the List of Recent Documents
Each time you open a document or file, Windows creates a shortcut to it that is placed in a list called Recent Documents. The purpose of this list is to give you a simple way to access your recently viewed documents without having to waste time searching for them. However,anyone who uses your computercan view this list to find out what documents you recently opened. To enhance your privacy and security, you can hide the Recent Documents list.

Follow these steps:
1.Right Click the Start button in the lower-left corner of Windows.

2. Click properties. (If you don’t see this option, your Start menu is in classic mode. In that case, click Settings, and then select the Control Panel.)

3. Click on Customize.

4.Click the Customize button.

5. Click on Advance tab.

6. Remove the checkmark from the List My Most Recently Opened Documents box.

7. Click the Clear List button.

9. Click the OK button.

10.Click the Apply button.

How To Show Your Name in Windows Taskbar

How To Show Your Name in Windows Taskbar
This is a sweet Windows XP trick for you that will give your Windows a personal touch and will also let you show off your name branding in front of your non-geek friends. Basically this trick will let you display a name of your choice (preferably your own name) in the Windows Taskbar just beside the digital time clock.

Show Your Name in Taskbar near Digital Time

Follow the steps and see the sweet magic

* Open Start Menu and then open Control Panel
* Double click Regional and Language Options
* Click Customize (besides English U.S drop down menu)
* Go to Time tab and change AM/PM symbols to the name of your choice.

Save/Extract Image From Word File

Save/Extract Image From Word FileSometimes, we may find some really nice images embedded inside Word Documents. There isn’t any option in word to save or extract those images for future use.

Save Extract Pictures from a Word File Method 1 : Here's the easiest way to extract images from a Word document. With this tip, you can also get the images in their original dimensions i.e the file size, height, width, quality etc before it was inserted into the Word document.

* Open up the Word document.
* Go to File > Save As Web Page.
* This opens the Save As box.
* Select “Web Page” in the 'Save as Type' drop down list.
* Click Save

A new folder is created in the same directory with a name that ends with _files. The images are saved to this folder.

Watermark Pictures Online

Watermark Pictures Online

If you are uploading pictures which will be available to the general public, it is a good idea to embed a digital watermark on your image to ensure that it is not misused.

PicMarkr lets you to add custom watermark (image or text) to your images online and free.It is useful when you need to protect your copyrights or if you want to add comments to your photos.

Watermark Tool is the free online watermarking software that allows you to quickly and easily protect your images with a visible watermark. With the many watermarking options available, you're able to personalize your images in a variety of ways - including text size, color, and position.

How to Download YouTube Videos online

Youtube one of Biggest and Best video files sharing website which has giant collection of videos library. You can spend hours on YouTube while surfing thru your favorite videos. The only problem with YouTube is unavailability of Videos in various format like dvd, mp3, mp4, flv, mov etc. for downloading.

In case if you need to convert YouTube video in any of above format then first you need to download that YouTube video then using any YouTube video converting tool convert it into desired format. Does this sounds tedious and time consuming task, If yes the use catchyoutube.com.

CatchYouTube.com lets you to directly download YouTube video in your favorite fomate. CatchYouTube is a web service which converts YouTube video online in dvd,flv,mp3,mp4,mov,wav,3gp format and lets you to download that video.
catchyoutube-online-youtube-video-converter-screenshot Supported Formats:

* Windows (.mpg)
* Mac (.mov)
* DVD (.dvd)
* iPod/PSP/iPhone (.mp4)
* Mobile (.3gp)
* Audio Only (.mp3)
* Audio (.wav)
* Flash (.flv)

You just need to provide YouTube Video URL to catchYouTube.com and set the output Video Format that’s it, CatchYouTube converts the YouTube video online and provides the Download link for Output YouTube Video.

or Go to keepvid.com paste youtube video link.
Click download select format flv or mp4(prefer for quality)

have fun

How to Search,Find Files in Rapidshare using Search Engines

Rapidshare is the biggest and fastest growing web hosting service worldwide. Rapidshare is a German company which lets millions of people host their files online. It lacks the basic most demanded feature, that is “Search”. When a user uploads a file, Rapidshare provides a link to that file, if you forget this link or if you want to search for movies, music, softwares, etc and don’t know it’s link.
Just type what you want to search and they will find the files for you within seconds.

Here are the best 10 which in my opinion are great in terms of search quality.

How to Remove Shortcut Arrows to Give Desktop Icons a Better Look

How to Remove Shortcut Arrows of Desktop Icons

Here's how you can remove those shortcut arrows from your desktop icons in Windows XP.

1. Go to registry by clicking on Start menu -> run and type regedit
2. Navigate to HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT -> lnkfile
Press CTRL+F and then at the search box type lnkfile and search.
3. Delete theis Shortcut registry value.

Quickly Change Font Size in Office

Quickly Change Font Size in Office

To quickly change the font size in your Office application (Word, Front Page, Publisher or PowerPoint):
Highlight the text you want to change
CTRL+SHIFT+> - To Increase the size
CTRL+SHIFT+< - To Decrease the size

Changing the Registered Owner

Changing the Registered Owner

Start Regedit
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion
From there you can edit the name in the Registered Owner key

Adding a Title for the Command Prompt Title Bar

Adding a Title for the Command Prompt Title Bar
If you create a batch file that might take a while to run,
you can add a title to the command prompt title bar it by simply adding the line:
where YOUR TEXT would be replaced by whatever text you want to show

Disabling Balloon Tips

Disabling Balloon Tips

To turn off balloon tips in applications that support XP Themes:
Start Regedit
Go to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\Advanced\
Change the value of EnableBalloonTips from 1 to 0

Changing the Internet Explorer Title

Changing the Internet Explorer Title
Start Regedit
Go to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main\Window Title
Enter what you want appear in the title bar