how to recover or read deleted webpages from internet?

Read Deleted Web Pages With The Google Cache
Have you ever been in the situation in which you search any topic and in the resulting screen, you see the title of that exact article with exactly what you were searching.You click the link hopefully but you receive a 404-error message saying that the page does not exist.Fortunately, there is a way to view these pages even though they have been deleted.

Google Cache

As the Google bot visits the web pages,bot indexes web pages into the central database and saves the HTML portion. The HTML portion is basically the text and layout without the pictures. When searching in Google, you may have noticed the "Cached" link.

When you click on this link you will be directed to the saved version of that web page when the Googlebot last cached it.

It is very much advisable to search the page across all three major search engine (Yahoo, Google, Msn)

If the original page is not available in any of the search engine’s cache, then search at Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine - it is the largest web repository holding a snapshot (or backup) of over 10 billion web pages.