How to make each link open in new tab

By opening each link in new tab certainly increases the website retention time
which fools the search engine and thinks website is good thats why people sticking to it for such a long time.This certainly increases the search engine ranking
to do so
simply follow the following steps
1> Login to
2> click Dashboard at upper right side
3> click on design just below the name of your blog
4> click Edit html just besides the page elements at top left hand side
5> Use keyboard shortcut ctrl+F to find <head>
6> add a single line <base target='_blank' /> immediately after head tag so that it become

<base target='_blank' />

Wow all links opening in new tab do give your valuable comments

If my Blog is indexed why it is not shown in search results

It might be because your website is not properly search engine optimized for terms you are searching in Google.

For example your blog is on Asian shoes
and you are searching in Google for cheap Asian shoes or Asian made sneakers.

You need to find which keywords are searched most and optimise your blog accordingly.

Check whether my blog/website is indexed by google or not

It is one of most frequently asked questions of begineers.
"I had submit my site to google but i can't see my blog
in google search results."

First thing you should know whether your website is indexed or not
you can check by typing
site:URL of website/blog into Google search box and hit Google Search. For instance, to check if this blog is indexed, I would type
If it showing some results .It means your website is indexed.
Second question arises
If its indexed why it is not shown in search results

Snap deal Review

today m going to write a review on Snapdeal to which i get introduced through online advertisments.
This is one of the best website i found to get the best deals in your own city

Just register ,Select your city and find deal you like and pay some small amount in my case it was just RS. 50  deduced in advance 200 in shop .deal was pay 250 for combo meal in place of 599.
I paid through HDFC NetBanking .
More over when you refer a friend to Snapdeal You get Rs100 off on and Rs 50 Cash which you can redeem in


isn't that cool

Visit the

Other Competitors of are my favourite after snapdeal