Killer Seo Tips Of sucessful websites and Blog

Onpage Optimization

1. Domain Name:

Domain name do dominates the search engine ranking of website.Domain name should contain the Keyword your website on which your site is based or concerned.For example,,, etc.
Points to kept in mind while selecting domain name:-
i) Domain name should be short and easy to remember.
Ideally domain name should be of less than 9 chaacter excluding http://www. and .com
ii) Buy from known company which offers support 24 hrs
iii) preffer to get from local companies so that support can be taken easily and can enqire
about any problem

2. Web hosting:

Web hosting could be free or paid. But prefference should be given on paid hosting as there is always a better
support and have no or least time.

You could even use good free hosting companies like,
Points to kept in mind while selecting domain name:-
i) Company should offers support 24 X 7
ii) Should not have down time.


Template should be good looking with light to load.Template should be html ,xhtml,css,xml validated.
Since error in code of template can prevent google bot from indexing effectively.

4. Search Engine

Always provide search engine for your visitors so that it is convinent for them to search for content.

5. Menu and Navigation System

Provide Menu system so that Visitor can easily find the content.
By providing Navigation System you are helping your visitors to know where they are in the website.

6. Newletter,Feeds

Provide Easy to signup newletter to get the repeat audience by providing information about new product
or updated content.
Newletter sign up form should be easy to locate prefferebly at the sidebar starting.

7.Validate Code

Code of the template and content should be validated means it have no errors.

8. Meta Tags

Put meta tags at the starting of the template .Since, they are still used by number of search engine.
following meta tag must be used :-
author , keywords, description, location, robots

9. Keywords

Optimize each page of your website for specific keywords.
Keywords should be such that they are commonly used by your visitors.For example if you have a website
about shoes. Search the keywords and find out how many pages you get.
for example, shoes indian, women shoes, light shoes, reebok india, designers shoes, leather shoes`,
cheap shoes, latest fashion shoes, trendy shoes etc.
Keywords should not be the one that noone search of( except if you have a unique product or service)

10. Internal Link Building

Link your pages with one another to make internal link building.
Label/Tag cloud helps to make internal link building keep in mind not to use the one made in flash.

11. External javascript and css

Use external javascript and css instead of putting it directly to website code.
this helps in fast loading of template.

12. Contact Us

Always provide a contact us form.So, that your visitors can give you feedback and advertisers
can contact you.
You can provide thye form with the heading of Support,Feedback,Contact Us

13. Social Bookmarking

Provide a button of social bookmarking website.So that site visitors can easily bookmark your
If your website is bookmarked on social bookmarking websites by number of people your Search Engine
Ranking will increase suddenly.

14. Tracking System

Track your website / Blog and find out from where your visitor visit your website such as search engine,
Link Exchange website. Which page your visitors like to visit most etc.

15. Sitemap

Prepare a sitemap of your site and put its link on your website such as header or footer or sidebar.
Make sure it is in your root directory.

16. Search Engine Submision

Submit your website to search engine manually
Always submit your site to your country search engine.For eg. if you are from india submit your site to,, etc.

17. Optimize links

Put http:// in href before the link always and give title to link.For eg.
instead of <a href="">Gmail</a>
<a href="" title="Link To google mail">

18. Optimize image

Optimize your image but using alt and title in image tag
for eg. optimize it as
so when you put cursor on image it will show the title cute baby
and if image is removed or can't be loaded it will show a box with text baby

19. Title

Keyword should be included in the tittle bar of the website and title should be eyecatching,
attractive and to the point.

20. url

Url of the website should be search engine friendly.
Dynamic websites normally have url such as
make it search engine friendly such as

21. Recent Comment,Top commentator, Recent post, Popular posts

By providing widgets like Recent Comment,Top commentator, Recent post, Popular posts on
website/blog encourage the user to comment and read the post.

22. Format the content

Format the content by using tags like <big><b><i><strong><u>.

Off page optimization

23. Link Exchange

Find out who is your competitor. And ask for them for link can also buy Link Exchange
from them.If hard to make then do it to less popular or new website.As it benefits to both the
websites competitor should agree.

24. Directory

Submit your blog/website to popular or high pr web directory.Such as Dmoz,yahoo directory.
Note:- submit your site to directory at appropriate category.
I suggest to submit your website only after making link exchange.

25. Update Frequency

Update your website regularly instead of upading at once.I found some people who update their website
at weekends.This don't have negative effect.But regularly updating increases your chance of getting
good search engine ranking in short time.

26. Ping

Don't forget to ping the search engine after adding or editing the content.This helps search engine
to know something is added new in the website.

27. Provide Free Content

provide free stuff such as free templates, free ebook, free wallpapers, free list of directories,
free tutorials, free scripts,free softwares. With a condition to give a backlink to your website.

28. Age of Website

Old is Gold. Oldder websites normally have higher ranking

29. Community

Make a community on social networking websites like twitter, facebook, orkut, hi5 etc.

30. Contest ,Poll

Contest and poll are one of the best method of getting the attention of the visitors and
other webmaster.

31. Adsense

Webmaster can use the adsense and are ppc services to let the people know about your
website products, services

32. Article submission

Write a nice article and submit it to article directory with your site link in it.
this can divert a lot of traffic to your website.

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