Best Free Softwares for Windows in 2010

All time best Window freeware

Here is a list of software for window which are not only free but works better to
same or similar to the paid softwares.

1. VLC Media Player

It is one of the best players
ever. Can Plays Number of video files than most players:
Quicktime, AVI, DIVX,
OGG, mp3, mp4 and more. Pretty good interface.

Download VLC

PC Utilities Magazine, Ussue 73, CD1, 583 Freeware & Shareware Tools

2. OpenOffice

It is a great substitute of Microsoft Word
Big, full featured suite of tools for word processing and spreadsheets.

It supports not only OpenDocument Format but number of other formats also.

Download Open Office

3. AbiWord

A word processor.
Lucid and quicker than OpenOffice.
Compatible with Microsoft Word documents and OpenDocument Format.
Download Abiword


Photo editing application that beats Photoshop in features.Must Try it

Download GIMP

5. Paint.NET

Another Graphics editor with a very nice interface.

It requires .net for its working.

Download Paint.Net

6. Inkscape

Vector graphics application.

Download Inkscape

7. Google SketchUp7

Google Sketch up 7 is a wonderful solution to 3d modeling field.
Can be used as a substitude of softwares like autocad.

8. Blender

Another Powerful 3D Modeling software with good number of features.

Download Blender

9. Mozilla Firefox

The premier free, open-source browser launched with collaboration of google to beat internet explorer.

have great features like tabs,extenstions,theme, fast browsing etc.

Download Firefox

10. Google Chrome

As the name suggest this browser have been launched by google independently.
New in the category but offers great features

11. Mozilla Thunderbird

Use this freeware email client by mozilla which offers great features like
Powerful spam filtering,
nice interface, user friendly and all the features you need.
Use this once you will never use outlook again

Download Thunderbird

12. Privacy Mantra

light tool to remove traces and temporary files,all at once.

Download Privacy Mantra

13. Foxit Reader

It can be used as a Substitude of Acropad reader upto some extend.
it is very light, loads quite faster than acropad reader

Download Foxit Reader

14. Media Player Classic

Supports almost every format.Must try

Download Media Player Classic

15. Quad -Lock Unit Converter

Best Unit Converter you may have evered Used

Download Quad -Lock Unit Converter

16. Convert

Another unit converter

Download Convert

17. Notepad++

Superb text editor .Can be used as an alternative of notepad, dreamweaver etc.

light and quick in action

Download Notepad++

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