Track Your speed post package online for free?

Have you ever been worried whether your mailed rakhi or draft been received?
How about receiving the current status of your package that's all for free.
So here is a process
Log on to India post

Direct Link provided Below
India Post

Enter  Postal Article Number (PNR No.) printed on the receipt you might have got from post office.

If you don't have access to internet still you can track your package by SMS

1. Type in your message box
SPSpeed Post Number 
EMSSpeed Post Number 



2. IN' at the end of Speed Post number need not be given. E.g.. if the Speed Post number is EE123456789in; you need to send the message as: SP EE123456789


1.SMS Tracking is not free .Charges apply from carrier like Airtel, idea, Vodafone , bsnl etc.

2.Data retained is only for the last 3 months only

3.There may be delay in scanning and availability of tracking information (service is not instant that means it is not necessary if package is delivered at 3 pm and information will be available at 3pm itself).

What can be Tracked
  • Speed post (Domestic EMS)
  • International EMS
  • Electronic Money Order (eMO)
  • Registered Mail
  • Express Parcel
  • Electronic Value Payable Parcel (eVPP)
Tracking Number Formats
Category Format No. of digits
Speed Post (EMS) Domestic EE123456789IN 13
International EMS Artilces to be delivered in India EE123456789XX 13
Electronic Money Order (eMO) 000000000000000000 18
Registered Mail RX123456789IN 13
Express Parcel Post XX000000000XX 13