Know how long you have started your computer?

  1. Start>Run  or hit Windows + R
  2. type Systeminfo 
Note: No space between system and info
Output will be like

Great Quotes

MAFIA..............Mechanical association For Innovative Actions

Anyone can catch your eye, but it takes someone special to catch your heart.

I talk to myself because I like dealing with a better class of people

The art of living is more like wrestling than dancing.

past is past and future is unknown,the only thing with u is PRESENT

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Mechanical Engineering Interview Questions and Answers

interview questions of mechanical engineer

taken from seniors, professional, friends, own experience and internet
Click the subject and see the questions whether you can answer or not?
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Bollywood Wallpapers Sites List

SO here comes a list of websites for downloading

Bollywood wallpapers

Mechanical Engineering Interview Q&A : Vibrations

Mechanical Vibration
What is the unit of vibration?

Common Human Resourse Hr Questions

Tell me about yourself?
What do you look for in a job?
What are your career goals and what have you done to achieve them?

Mechanical Engineering Interview Q&A : IAR

what is degree of freedom?

Mechanical Engineering Interview Q&A : ED

Engineering Drawing>

Why drawing is known as universal Language?

Mechanical Engineering Interview Q&A : EMM

What is annealing?

Mechanical Engineering Interview Q&A : FM

What is a Newtonian fluid?
Define Reynolds number?

Mechanical Interview Q&A : SOM

Strength of material

what is the difference between stress and presure althougth both have same unit?

Mechanical Interview Q&A : General

General Techanical

Mechanical Interview Q&A : Machine design

Machine design

Mechanical Interview Q&A : TOM

Theory of Machine

what is friction?
what is gear ratio & how it can calculate

Mechanical Interview Q&A : Automobile

What is the funtion of cluch?

Mechanical Interview Q&A : RAC

Refrigeration And Air Conditioning 
 What is Dry Bulb Temperature and Wet Bulb temperature?

Mechanical Interview Q&A: ATD/HT/EME

Applied Thermodynamics/Heat Transfer/EME

How many laws of thermodynamics are there?

Mechanical Interview Q&A: Manufacturing practice

 Manufacturing Practice
What is FEED?

Add password to Microsoft Word Document

Oftenly, we have to type secret or confidential data which we don't want to share with
anyone such as personal diary or office configential material. This task can be achieved by
putting password to a Microsoft Word document file.

1.Crete a new MS word document. After editing click on Save As.

Top Torrent Search Engines of 2010

With the beginning of march 2010 ,many torrent search engine have  stopped working. So, here I am with the latest top torrent sites of 2010

Great Trick for youtube High Defination(HD) videos

Are You Trying to download Hd video from youtube but not getting that Quality and resolution then here is a trick for that

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BSNL Unlimited Auto Internet Connection Trick

1.Start>control panel> Network Connections>
2.Right click on your connection on properties
4.Click on option tab
5.Uncheck prompt for name and password,certificates, etc.
6.Hit enter
7.Right click on your connection again
8.Create shortcut on desktop
9.Cut shortcut from desktop
10.start>all programs>startup
11.Right click
12.Click on open
13.Paste the shortcut
Now onwards your pc will automatically connect to internet whenever you switch on the computer