Great Trick for youtube High Defination(HD) videos

Are You Trying to download Hd video from youtube but not getting that Quality and resolution then here is a trick for that

All you need to do is to attach the following after the youtube video url .
So, instead of, you would have

&fmt=6 – increases the resolution from 320×240 to 448×336, Flash 7 video @ 900Kbps; audio @ 44.1KHz 96Kbps Mono CBR.
&fmt=18 – increases the resolution to 480×360, H.264 video @ 512Kbps; audio @ 44.1KHz 128Kbps Stereo.
&fmt=22 – increases the resolution to 1280×720 (720p), H.264 video @ 1024Kbps; audio @ 44.1KHz 232Kbps Stereo.


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