Add Star ratings widget for blogger post

Star rating helps you alot to know how visitors of your blog respond to any article.By this
you will be able to know rating of each article or post,whether it is performing good or bad.Thereby take action to make it more lucid and attractive.

Here is a procedure for adding star rating widget in your blogger, wordpress or typepad blog

1.Click on your blog platform.
For blogger click on blogger icon
2.Select the language,for International audience,Select english
Registeration is optional
3.Click on Get widget Now
4.Click on agree to terms and condition after reading
5.Now you will be redirected to
And will confirm whether you want to add star rating widget or not

VisitStar Rating Widget
Note:If you are using heavy graphics in your is always advisable not to use this widgetas it slows down a bit.Any comments will be highlt appreciated

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