How to Join U Comment I Follow Movement?

How to make your blogs comment do follow?

U Comment I Follow means all the comments are do follow in other words all the comments will be spidered by search engines.
Unfortunately the comments field in Blogger and wordpress are made no follow by default.To make it do follow ,
just do the following steps:-

  • Login to blogger account
  • Click on Layout
  • Click on Edit Html
  • Click on expand widjet
  • Find
  • <a expr:href='' rel='no follow'>
  • Delete rel='no follow' from the above code.

To know Your Visitors know that your blog comments are do follow .Then,add the
U Comment I Follow Badge..

To know whether blogger claim is fake or write that his comment box is do follow.
simply right click on any Comment heading(Normally name of website or profile of persons who commented).
see the properties

rel dofollow

By joining the movement of U Comment I Follow, you might become victim of spam.
To prevent your site from spam either do comment moderation or activate
word verification.

In case of any difficulty. I am just Comment away.



  1. Thanks for the tip and for promoting the dofollow movement.

  2. The first main thing is we have to create one mail Id. Then go for Google search type do-follow blogs then you will get some pages, and click on that blogs then you can see one blog which is consists of title and content,then come down there is one comment box type the comment there it should be related to that topic then submit the comment.
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  6. I already joined this movement for my two blogs
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  7. Thanks for sharing the tips. Really useful for us bloggers. Keep up the good work!

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