20+ Best Tips For Onpage Optimization

  1. Image
    Use alt tag for images.This gives information about image to search engine.
  2. Xml Sitemap Create Xml Sitemap for Google crawler
  3. Social Media Add social bookmark website button.If visitors like your site content.They can Bookmark your site
  4. Use 301 Use 301 redirection to redirect http://www.domainname.com to http://domainname.com
  5. .htaccess Use .htaccess file to make dynamic website into static looking website which is easy to crawl.
  6. Validate Validate your template and post html,css,xml etc.
  7. Css Use css as much as you can.it reduces page loading time,means speedy loading of webpage.
  8. Navigation System Use css in navigation system instead of javascript.Since,most search engines don't like javascript.As far as possible use text page navigation instead of graphical.
  9. Keyword Optimize each page for two or three keywords.Make sure webpage should have 2-6 percent keywords.
  10. Mega Tag Add mega tags to <head> since,they are still used by many search engines.
  11. Title Make sure page title conains keyword and give an idea what is post all about.
  12. InBound Linking Link Pages with one another to have better search engine ranking.
  13. Subscription Form Attach subscription form to every webpage to increase your mailing list and returning visitors
  14. Rss Feed Always provide rss feed so that visitors get information what is new added in the website
  15. Content Length Content of each webpage should be more than 300 words and less than 550 words.
  16. Videos and imagesUse videos related to your website topic.Make sure to use alt tag in case of image
  17. DomainHave a domain which is related to your website topic and is short,attractive and easy to learn.
  18. ParagraphInstead of continous text, break the content into paragraphs.This will make the text easy to read and attractive
  19. WebhostingBuy Country level webhosting and domain name if you are focusing local audience only.Say only people from India, or America
  20. Contact USAlways provide the facility to contact you.This helps in getting complaints,suggestions and advertisment order also.Provide link to contact us in every webpage.
  21. LinksPut keywords in links
  22. Robots.txtMake a validated robots.txt to let crawler know what to index and what not.
  23. FlashTry not to add flash.As it is not properly readable by crawler.If you have a website with excessive flash .Your site will take more time to load and also not readable to crawler which means no or less ranking.
  24. TemplateHave a template which is unique,attractive and loads in less time.
  25. <b><i><strong><big>Use <b><i><strong><big> in content to draw the attention of the visitors. Make sure you have used the above tags with keywords.But don't overuse it
  26. <H1>
    Use <H1> and put keyword in it.don't use <H1> more than two times on one webpage.This is the best onpage optimization

If you think i missed out something then please mention it.

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