learn a trignometric formula

Some People Have Curly Brown HairTurned Permanently Black
S = P/H
Sin = Perpendicular / Hypotenuse
Curly Brown Hair
C = B/H
Cos = Base/Hypotenuse
Turned Permanently Black
T = P/B
Tan = Perpendicular/Base

pandit bhadri parsad har har bole sona chandi tole
perpendicular base perpendicular
(p) (b) (p)
hypotenuse hypotenuse base
(h) (h) (b)
sine cosine tangent
(s) (c) (t)

Sin = P/H, Cos = B/H, Tan = P/B 

Some people have curly brown

hair turned permanantly black.

Some People Have
Curly Black Hair 
Through Proper Brushing

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