how to add site map to google

Submit Your Blogger/FeedBurner Sitemap to Google Webmaster Tools
Submitting a Sitemap to Google Webmaster Tools provides Google about your site and posts.Now question arises how to submit the sitemap,here are the steps to follow

Register at Google webmaster with your google account(orkut, feedburner, you tube,gmail, picassa)

If you do not use a redirected custom feed such as FeedBurner, type "atom.xml" and click "Add General Web Sitemap" button.

If you do use a redirected custome feed such as FeedBurner, type "atom.xml?redirect=false".

Otherwise you will see "URL not allowed" error because the sitemap you have submitted to Google Webmaster Tools is actually redirecting to the FeedBurner feed URL not your site URL. And your Sitemap contains a URL that is not allowed based on the Sitemap's location.

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