What is Quality?

What is Quality?

The standard of something as measured against other things of a similar kind; the degree of excellence of something: "quality of life".
Quality is the universal concept which describes if the goods and services offered by the supplier meet our expectations concerning the characteristics of the product or service.

  • The fundamental reason for focusing on quality is the potential for an increased profitability.
    • Consumers demand and expect quality in return for their money.
    • Consumers recognize quality, and are willing to pay for it.

  • Quality builds up the brand and makes the product more profitable.
    • The winner of the quality game gets the attention and the sales.

Key aspects of quality for the customer include:
  • Good design – looks and style
  • Good functionality – it does the job well
  • Reliable – acceptable level of breakdowns or failure
  • Consistency
  • Durable – lasts as long as it should
  • Good after sales service
  • Value for money
  • Products of poor quality may disappoint the buyer and consequently:
    • The buyer will not buy the product again.
    • The buyer will not buy any other product from the company.
    • The buyer will tell their friends and relatives about their bad experience.

  • Customer loyalty – they return, make repeat purchases and recommend the product or service to others.
  • Strong brand reputation for quality

    • Poor quality leads to product failure.
    • Better quality leads to:
      • Increased production.
      • Lower warranty costs.
      • Lower marketing costs.
      • Fewer surprises.

      The quality of the products and services sold on the market are assured via

    - standards,
    - technical regulations,
    - testing and certification,
    - metrology and accreditation.

    Why Quality is important?
     a satisfied customer is not always a loyal one
    Positive customer experiences delight the consumer and lead to additional sales.

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