Keyboard Shortcuts for Yahoo Mail - Email & Chat Faster!

Check Mailm
Check All Mail (includes all POP accounts)Shift+m
Close Current TabCtrl+\
New Messagen
New FolderCtrl+Shift+e
Reply Alla
Put message in one of your first 9 folders1-9 (e.g., press 2 for 2nd folder; won't work beyond 9)
Forward messagef
Mark As Readk
Mark As UnreadShift+k
Flagl (that's an L, not a one)
Clear FlagShift+l (that's an L, not a one)
Delete ItemYour “delete” key
Save DraftCtrl+s
Send MessageCtrl+Enter (Alt+s also supported)
Turn Reading Pane on and offv
Navigate through tabs—leftwards motionCtrl+[
Navigate through tabs—rightwards motionCtrl+]
Open message(s) in its own tabEnter (select a message first, or multiple messages by holding down Ctrl and clicking on each)
Edit contact infoEnter (select a contact first, in Contacts)
Find a word or phrase in a messageCtrl+f
Expand window to maximum heightF11
Next message (in message tab)Ctrl+. (that’s Ctrl with the period)
Previous message (in message tab)Ctrl+, (Ctrl with the comma)
Next (or previous) message with same Subject;
Next (or previous) flagged message;
Next (or previous) unread message;
Next (or previous) from: _________
To set this up, press:
Ctrl+Alt+Shift+up arrow.
Click the option you want, then OK.
Now: To use the shortcut, press:
Ctrl+Shift+down arrow (for next message) or
Ctrl+Shift+up arrow (for previous message)
Skip to oldest unread messageCtrl+Shift+End
Move message to a folderd
Close read-message tabEsc
Start a new chatc

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