Grab Favicon From Any Website

GetFavicon is an online tool that lets you quickly grab favicon from any website and download it to your computer. All you have to do is type in the website URL, select desired image format and then click on “get favicon” button.

grab favicon

The site also gives you a short overview on resolution, bit per pixel and image type info. You can save fasvicon image in one of the following formats: ico, jpeg, png and gif.


  • Grab favicon from website.

  • Preview favicon online before downloading it.

  • Favicons can be download in ico, jpeg, png and gif formats.

  • Short info such as resolution, bit per pixel and image type also presented.

  • Some additional info on how to create a good favicon.

  • Also see:, Online Icon Maker, GenFavicon, FaviconTool and Favicon-Generator.

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