Make text bigger in HTML

You might have seen lots of

blog with varying font size

which look to attractive and eye catching so this brings me to write a post for others to learn how to do it.You need to use  the tag <font>  </font> 

Put your text inside these tag so that your syntx becomes

<font> YOUR TEXT </font> 

To make the text bigger use size = '' in font tag for e.g.
 <font size = "2 " >  YOUR TEXT </font> 

OutPut will be like
Your Text with size 2
Your Text with size 3

 Your Text with size 4

 Your Text with size 5

Your Text with size 6

 Use whichever suits you best


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  2. Anonymous12/27/2011

    The "font" element is invalid in both HTML4 Strict, XHTML Strict and HTML5. It should not be used. It is also unnecesarry to seperate attributes from values using spaces. Instead of writing "", you may write "".

  3. Thanks for the help!

  4. I like your blog, am just writing a post about this topic and how to do it! (Not easy for someone like me though who knows zilch about html :-) )


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